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VersaGreen Energy Mission: Future is dedicated to improving the energy footprints we leave behind as we go about our day to day lives.  By providing products, services and advice we strive to make the world a greener place while passing cost savings on to our customers.

Responsible Energy Use

Ensure our well being for the future

Every energy customer in the US has access to a renewable-energy resource that is immediately available,

100% clean, reduces your carbon footprint and is surprisingly cheap. It is called energy conservation!

Christopher J. Clarke
VersaGreen Energy Corporation

Responsibility is the method of empowerment

The benefits of using energy responsibly are broad, ranging from environmental to economic. By using energy responsibly you can do something positive for the environment today that also creates benefits for the generations of tomorrow



"I'm saving over $550 a year in electricity costs. I'm able to keep the water heater power completely off for eight and a half months every year." - Susan P

"You will no doubt recall how skeptical I was of the claims you made concerning your system, and, how I agreed to write a testimonial letter if the unit vindicated itself. Well, it did, and here is your letter. The ZeroEnergy™ unit was, in short, definitely a worthwhile addition!" - Paul M

"I keep my house at 84 degrees because I have high efficiency windows and use ceiling fans. TheZeroEnergy™ Water heating system allows me to leave the power off to my hot water heater eight months out of the year, and it supplies us with plenty of hot water." - Chris T

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